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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Is that Jesus bending over?

It's hump day. That's right, and in order to make it better for everyone, we should each do something nice for someone. Come on, I know it sounds like hippie bullshit (or christ bullshit), but isn't it nice when someone else helps you out randomly? Now, as an ice breaker, I have included the above picture of Gravity Boy. We all know this man is the gruffest toughest asshole on earth, I mean just look at his posts. A self confessed blog ass, who enjoys touching himself, and sometimes others without their permission (he is a monkey), but now...Photographic proof, GB likes helping people. It's true, and so should you! Take a moment today and help someone out, give a stranger directions, even if they don't ask for them. Tip the tollbooth guy a nickle, Come on, do something nice. On a side note, moments after this pic, GB could be seen dancing in the streets while trying to sell tye dye T's, it was strange.
from the private archives of pidibi