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Monday, May 23, 2005

Make it Fucked up!

Here I am with my friend Eric at Pearl's B-day drinking it up.

As the caption says, there I am Saturday night "drinking it up" with Eric, Pearl and other people(with whom I am less familiar). The occasion was Pearl's B-Day. But, the excessive drinking that occurred that night was more for making up for what happened on Friday.

Friday night I had planned on getting fugged up, but it didn't happen. The people I was with were more into looking at vacation snaps. We had a good time and all, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. So, why was I so interested in getting sloshed? Well, on Friday, May 20th I was "let go". Yes, I was fired. At 5:15 , just as the day was coming to a close, my supervisor called me into his office. "Gerald, I have some bad news..." Little did he know it was great news for me. I've been waiting for them to give me the boot for a while now. Not that I want to be a slacker-monkey, but my job has been less than pleasant for some time now. In fact, I've thought about killing a few of my supervisors as of late. Not seriously, of course. I'm not John Mogilev... however that's spelled. So, it had gotten to a point where I hated to go in(dreaded is more exact)EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I counted EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of the day when I was there. So, they did me a big favor. Now, I can start the search for a new job, and "be somebody" all over again. God, I fucking hate work! Fuck it all to hell!!!!!!