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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What's your reality?

I have an Idea. I want to hear the best alternate theories on what you really may be or what your life really is. I'll give an example. Here's one of my theories about me and my life, because reality as it happens, is just too strange and inconsistent to be what it appears to be:

I think my life is a sham - I'm a scientific experiment (a robotic brain)- being tested on my reactions to the highs and lows of "life" and other "people", who are just virtual constructs - less real than myself. Disembodied, I sit on a shelf hooked up to a mainframe that pumps the world into me.
Are my drawings a way that I transfer data back to the other world - the "real" real world?

What's your favorite theory about your life?

Let's hear it, Virtual constructs!