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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Memorial day - a day for Dick?

A fictional happening in our realm.
But in the 6th dimension, all too true.
Oh, the sadness

WASHINGTON - In his wisdom, our President George W. Bush has decided to make Memorial day a day to ponder Dick. "Screw the troops....Is this thing on? Shit.", spoke the President in his ever charming voice, in a speech to honor the deceased Dick Cheney. "Today, we and the fallen honor a great man. A big man. One with a BIG heart.", Bush said.
"We honor a man who honored this nation with his great and selfless acts. He was my friend, and confidant. He made me laugh with his crooked smile. Love ya, Dick. Um... So, from today on, all shall know Memorial day as the day we honor the man that lived for his country and died a few days ago. "

Dick Died on May 26th of a heart attack.

Stay tuned for more "what if?" news from Dimensional shift. This story is totally false. But, if you choose to believe it, that's fine by me. I think he's dead, personally.

- Alternate Dimensional News Source: ADNS