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Friday, July 22, 2005

Bloggers get travel 'sponsors'
By Laura Bly, USA TODAY

In the first entry of her 2-month-old blog, or Web diary, Erin Leffelman announces she's on a "one-woman mission ... to spread the word about the kickin outdoor recreation scene in and around Milwaukee" — a town better known for beer, bratwurst and bone-chilling weather.

But while Leffelman's playinthecity.blogs.com doesn't mention it, the 23-year-old waitress and aspiring journalist is getting a little help from Milwaukee's tourism office: a year's worth of high-speed Internet access, $1,700 in computer and camera equipment and free access to many of the outdoor diversions she'll be describing in her twice-weekly musings.
I highly recommend you use the articles link to give this 'blogger' your own thoughts on what she is doing. She's responded to my initial comment and seems reasonable, so try to be nice.