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Thursday, July 28, 2005

My Thursday In Hell

Random Thoughts:

1. Now that NASA has spent "several hundred million dollars" over the past two years to ensure that no foam would fly off of the Space Shuttle's external fuel tank, only to have a chunk of foam the size of a pillow tear free during Discovery's launch on Tuesday, can I request my money back? I figure every tax-paying citizen is entitled to about $2 each. I'll expect a check…

2. And who's up for a trip to Mars?

3. A description of something I saw on the way to work (sorry, no camera yet): What looked like inflatable human intestines spitting up a bouquet of bright orange life vests strapped to the roof of a red Ford Expedition. I was not on hallucinogenic drugs at the time, but I did stare for quite a long while. What the hell was that, anyway?

4. I am buying a couch today. The time has come.

5. If there was a God, I think a good case could be made that he hates the Boy Scouts of America. First, the four scout masters were killed in an electrical accident. Now, over 300 people had to be treated for exposure to heat! If I was the Anti-Jerry Falwell, couldn't I make the case that God is striking down the Boy Scouts for their hatred of homosexuals? Also, the CNN story I linked doesn't say this, but I think these people were gathered to see Bush speak. He postponed, and they got free trips to the hospital. Nice.

6. I'm not blaming Bush for trying to kill Boy Scouts. I just like the implication. That's all.

That is all. I mean it this time.