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Sunday, August 14, 2005

MSNBC can't do math, but they make nice animations

This is a pretty nice animation of the space shuttle launch. I suggest the "From Launch to touchdown" video so you don't have to click through each short clip.

It's crazy that I find this interesting when I can watch the real thing over and over, but it's also crazy that I can watch the real thing over and over. I loved that external fuel tank cam that showed it separating from the shuttle. I want to see it travel all the way though. Why can't they do that? Doesn't it burn up? I want to see it burning up - images of the camera going offline at least. In all the video I've seen, there's no loss of signal from the thing - they just cut the video. In fact, I'd think the video should feed in better and better since the tank is getting closer to Earth, giving the signal a greater chance of being received. Where is the rest of the video? Freedom of Infomation Act, here I come!