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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Face Lift

There's Frank reading the computer's statistical
data which were later scrapped.

Well, as you can clearly see "we" have reworked the visual style of your most favorite place to be on the internet - Dimensional Shift. It took many long hours, with teams of designers working around the clock, all working on formulating the very best look for the Dimensional Shift information consumer in you.

Using the crappiest technology that is still compatible with current software, which was cobbled together like a frankenstein from stuff we've had lying around, stuff found on the street corner, genuinely brand new parts, and duct tape, we ran formulas and statistical data all of which when we were done seemed utter nonsense. So, we scrapped the data and pulled something out of our asses after working tirelessly on work that went nowhere.
That's where hard work will get you. And, There's you're moral.

So, there you have it - the new look, for now.