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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Workin' it

There has been a lull this past week on the blog. Posting has become even more infrequent, even after Joe's threats to behead those who do not. Well, I am here to check in so I am not prematurely checked out by the likes of the executioner ;-)

I have been working freelance at a museum moving their book collection. Not a bad gig to get in on. So, from now until next Tues I will be moving books as old as time. Books that are bound in leather and feel really weird and fleshy - kind of creepy. I will also be moving some of their art for them. Their collection so far ain't that pretty, but I have seen a Picasso and a Cezanne. Big whoop, I know. Anyway, just so you know I will be working. Weird, huh?