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Saturday, November 19, 2005

The "A" Train at Grand Central

The rumors you heard were true, a strange man did try and check out my pee pee today at Grand Central.

It was strange, but Domina and Silylily seemed to understand the guy's point of view. And, after their presentation of the facts, I think I do too. Whatever. The fucking guy still looked at my pee pee - twice! I had to tell him to stop looking and to leave me alone. He left...or so I thought. I began washing my hands, looked up and the guy was right there. He didn't notice me right away. But, upon seeing me he promptly left the restroom again...and waited outside. When I met Joe outside of the restroom, I saw him re-enter the restroom.

Domina and Silylily surmised that this guy was looking for a sexual encounter in the bathroom - hoping that looking at someone's pee pee might spark an intense explosion of passion in them, resulting in a Grand Central restroom anal train ride. My guess is that it was no coincidence that he was scoping out the bathrooms at the train station.

Anyway, looks like if you are a gay man and like risky sex with strangers, there's a train with your name on it's roster... And it's called the "A" train.