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Friday, November 18, 2005

Sold Out!

So, because I am a jackass, we did not go see Umphrey's tonight. Yes, Domina and Silylily even had tickets! (Again, I'm an ass hole.) Why I didn't just buy the damn tickets a week ago I have no idea. I just didn't. I had no idea it would sell out. Damn!

I did go down to the venue in a futile attempt to buy tickets (and had Gravity Boy snap this picture of me looking sad under the Irving Plaza awning). The guy behind the window seemed annoyed by my asking if tickets were available. Double Damn!

Anyway, it was just me and Gravity Boy down by the Irving (Domina and Silylily were off at a hair appointment), and we managed to make our way around the lower regions of Manhattan — hitting Union Square, Chinatown, Little Italy and Grand Central Station — before heading back to Brooklyn to walk Peewee, meet up with the others and head back to Jersey. Let's go to the visual evidence:

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this fine Chinatown eaterie:

Some of the latest/greatest from the studios of Gravity Boy:

The ghosts of Grand Central Station (where a man tried to sneak a peak at GB's peepee in the bathroom — No lie!):

Mescalito, I know you called (although I haven't checked the message yet). I'll call you later). That's it for now on the Pix. We may watch a movie. I'm going to eatb something.

More to come.