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Friday, December 23, 2005

Seeing things.

For the last few weeks, City Hall in Philadelphia has partially looked like a drawing. They've projected a cool lighting effect that makes it look like part of the building was painted in pastel colors. When we first saw it, it was hard to tell if it was painted on or lit. It's really cool though.

The below quote is from a very disjointed newspaper article. There's also a bunch of pictures here and here.

Much as the colors look like pastels applied to the building's surface, the effect is all lighting. Artists Friedrich Foerster and Sabine Weissinger, commissioned by Artlumiere, used digital photographs of City Hall to create the theatrical design, which is projected back onto the buildings from big black boxes installed at the same spots from where the photos were taken.

I find it interesting how they can project the light in such detail to pretty specific points in many different areas of the building. But apparently, more can be done with it...

The Center City District hopes that next year, other buildings can receive the same treatment. Says de Rugy: "We can in fact do a lot more to transform a building. This is conservative."