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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Is the local 100 fucked?

Looks like the local chapter of the TWU might be in a worse situation than previously thought. Apparently, the president of the parent union - which they are a part of - did not approve of the strike, which may mean that the parent union may take over and force the local to stop striking and go back to the table.

There is suspiction, though, that the parent organiztion is trying to cover their asses from the fines levied yesterday, which amount to one million dollars a day. Now, the Local union only has 3 million in the bank. And with the Parent union saying it doesn't support the strike and that the local will not recieve any money, etc, that doesn't look good for the local chapter of the TWU.

On another note:

One of the fellows from the Manhattan institute has recently sugested firing the transit workers too. Although, this may not be a possibility, if it were to happen it would be disaster - not just for the union, but for the city - 33,000 people, mostly minorities.

Also, I have confirmed what I had heard yesterday on the TV by Ed Cock...Koch. He did say for the city to go after the workers homes. Interesting. What a dick.

Also, the NY Times has a section where people can share their stories and opinions on the strike. Go here for heated debate.