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Monday, January 30, 2006

Global warming, here we come!

Actually, we are already there, I think. This winter in New York City, I think we have had a total of like 6 inches of snow - and that was all at the beginning of the supposed winter, which has rarely shown it's face this year. Instead of snow, we've been getting cold rain. And, during the traditionally harshest part of the winter, we have been having spring-like weather. For example, in January on average the temp has been below freezing 23 days out of the month and there's an average of 7" of snowfall. This year, I struggle to remember th last time the temp stayed at or below freezing for a good amount of time. It occasionally drops below at night, but mostly not. Like I said, we've only been getting rain.

Today, the temp must've been in the high 60s. Whatever the case, spring has come wayyyyy early this year and it concerns me very much. Tommorrow night we may get snow, but it'll most likely be rain. Fucked up shit, my friends. The end of days are coming!!!! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!