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Friday, January 27, 2006

Carson Daley should hang in a shed.

AKA : What a tool.

I was just doing some personal writing, and I happen to have the TV on in the background. On that TV, is the one and only Carson Daley. Yes, the genius behind...well I'm not really sure --but he sure do have a pretty smile. Anyway, you know the part where they announce the guests on those talk shows (ie; tonight we have "insert current star" from Harry Potter XXV). Well the lead guest, the lead guest was billed as "from the movie RUDY". And it wasn't Sean Astin...or anyone else I know. Who the fuck is this??? What year is this??? Have I fallen through a wormhole? Are Domina, Gravity Boy and Joe at the bowling alley??? Tune in tomorrow, same Carson time, same Carson pubic lice.

Goodnight and goodluck...

Lick Balls.