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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh where, Oh where has Mescalito been?

I have been remiss to my blog posting...but it comes with an excuse. The other night, Lpg and Myself were trading the laptop back and forth, as we both had work to do. At some point, something happened to the power cord, and the laptop began to give off a very strong burning smell. We were immediately
worried. This little box has all of our hard work, all of our information, all of our past blog postings. Anyway, we shut it down for a few minutes, and when we turned it back on, the burning smell was back. Damn it.

I called Gateway support the next day, and they are sending out a box so I can send it in, and have it fixed (it’s still under warranty).

So, LPG and myself have not had the computer.

P.S I hear some of you saying, “but why not post at work?” The sad reality is that the laptop was my work computer...Damn Damn.