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Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Looks like his intestines have moved down into his scrotum"

We went to the Franklin Institute today to see Body Worlds. It's one of two exhibits touring the country with bodies that have been plastinated. The exhibit was really good. A lot of individual body parts were shown within very well lit glass cases as you walked through. Most of the full bodies were not enclosed in glass which was great because you could really get up close from front, side or behind to really look at the detail. Of course you couldn't touch, but you could still get close enough to take a good whiff.

Unfortunately, picture taking was not allowed in the exhibit. However, when we entered the institute, we were greeted by an enormous, marble Ben Franklin taking a shit. Looked like a nice solid one too.

We also saw an Imax about the Human Body. Just outside the theater they display the projector behind glass where some poor guy is on display changing the reels. I felt bad for him so I gave him a break by not taking his picture.

Also, the subject of this post is a quote from a women there as she looked at a male who had a hernia.

Oh...and at the end of it all, they had several binders with a lot of blank paper in them where people could write whatever they wanted. Like a guest book kind of thing. We didn't have time to look through to find funny ones, which I'm sure there were many, but I did sign Joe's name. Good times indeed.