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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stupid things

This link is to the point penalties for traffic violations in NJ. Here are some interesting ones...

* 'Racing on highway' is worth 5 points. There's no mention of points for racing on side streets though - I guess you could get 2 points for speeding though. Also, for some reason Racing on highway is listed twice on the list. The second listing is also worth 5 points. Does having it listed twice mean they're really serious about this one?

* 'Failure to stop vehicle before crossing sidewalk' will get you 2 points. Where do you drive over a sidewalk?

* Hopefully there is no where to drive over a sidewalk because if you do, you'll earn yourself 2 points for 'Operating a motor vehicle on a sidewalk'

* 'Failure to keep right at intersection' gets you 2 points. So everyone at an intersection has to be on the right side? huh?

* 'Destruction of agricultural or recreational property' is worth 2 points. I see no mention about destruction to other types of propery. I guess businesses and other non-fun structures are fair game.

* 2 more points for 'Failure to stop for police whistle'. Whistle?

* Finally, 'Improper passing of frozen dessert truck' is worth 4 points!