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Friday, March 24, 2006

Where The Hell Have I Been?

It's a relevant question. I mean, one day it's nothin' but Mondo Condos and Langerados. The next, bupkiss.


Two things here: First off, I have been promoted at work. I am no longer the Copy Editor of the Weekly Planet. Now, I am the Associate Editor/Operations. (or, the Operations Editor if you prefer. I'm actually a little confused, myself.) In any event, it's more work, more responsibility, more money and I couldn't be happier about it. Of course, this has really cut into my time lately, but that will ease a bit as I get more accustom to the new job. As it is though, this is my first trip to the blog in 3 days. I feel terrible.

Secondly: My neighbor has gone all flighty and either moved his wireless router or spilled beer into it or something, because I have lost my free (borrowed) Internet connection! Damn it. Of course, with the new job I guess I can afford to actually pay Time-War, -er, (cough) Brighthouse for a connection of my own. It will be nice to actually have high-speeds again. After all, ripping off the neighbor was great, but the download speeds sucked!

I owe Domina and GB a call. Sorry boys. This weekend, perhaps.

Maybe even a Mondo Condo soon. Who knows?