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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Desktop Earth

I can sum this up in one word...

Now then...Desktop Earth is pretty damn slick. I have it installed and running on my desktop as 'active desktop'. What it does is put a view of earth on your desktop. "But, Dr. Bong, who gives a fuck about having picture of earth on my desktop?" Aha! funny you should ask...Well? This isn't just some picture, this picture also shows in real time the position of the sun. "But...Dr. Bong, who gives a fuck still?" uhm...please hold all questions to the end, thank you.

As the sun goes down, you'll even see big cities lit up as if you were really looking at earth from space. This even goes as far as updating foliage and snowfall when the season changes. But, here's the big kicker...There are fields in the options menu to update clouds in real time. Luckily those are already pre-filled for your convenience. Basically put, it's a realistic view of earth from space and it's the coolest thing I've seen since Google Earth.

Are there any more questions? Good.

Now, go download the program here.