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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Did you know they pump pure oxygen through the streets of Denver? Neither did I. After reading this story though about a guy who got ticket and 'sentence' for driving in an HOV lane with a manequin, that's what I'm thinking. Talk about turning a bad thing into something good.

Tillie sat in the passenger's seat of Mr. Pringle's car for the better part of a year as he commuted to Denver in a high-occupancy-vehicle lane. The ruse, which he said saved him about 30 minutes each way, came to an end on Jan. 26 when Mr. Pringle, of Broomfield, Colo., was pulled over by the police and charged with driving illegally in a lane with a one-passenger minimum.

The short of the story is that he ended up selling the manequin on eBay and then donating the money to charity. And that's where the madness begins! Bring in 'buy my product' grandpa! Oh ya! The ainte goes up. The ball gets rolling and what do you know? Companies profit, families of those runnig charities eat well and a kid in africa gets vaccinated and a free computer learning cd if he can come up with the 4.95 shipping and handling. Go Cows!