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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another Day By The Bay


Fucking Barry Bonds. He couldn't hit his 714th home run on Friday night, the night I was at the Giants/A's game in Oakland. No, he had to go and smack his Babe-tying dinger on Saturday, when I was sitting in my gracious hosts' apartment nursing a bit of a hangover.


Friday night was a blast. We traveled to a rooftop bar with an amazing view of downtown San Francisco. Then we stumbled through the streets in search of a cab to take us back to a fellow reveler's apartment in North Beach. Once again, another amazing view. A person can get spoiled with all the stunning vistas.

Saturday became a day to take it easy. Max's back, while slowly seeming to improve, was extremely sore today after last night's remarkable, alcohol-induced recovery. Unfortunately for Max, you pay for the temporary pain vacation as soon as the inebriation breaks.

We did, however, journey into downtown.


This is a great building right outside the downtown BART station. (BART is San Francisco's mass-transit train system.) We also went to Taiwanese-American day in Union Square, where a martial arts master bent iron bars with his throat (yes, really) and to the Ferry Building, which was once (pre-bridges) a major transportation hub for people going between San Fran and the surrounding areas.

That's also where I shot this boat with the Bay Bridge in the background:


And this cool piece of public art:


Tomorrow, we hope to make the 95th running of the Bay to Breakers race, but the weather is looking to be shitty and the thing starts at around 8 a.m. I may also finally go see some Redwoods and cross the mythic Golden Gate Bridge. Then it's the red eye back to Tampa and the end of a terrific weekend. More tomorrow…