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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Terrible Tuesday

The body of Arumugam Loganathan, member of Eelam People's Democratic Party, lies on the ground, as a ceasefire monitor, center, investigates the crime scene, at Pandarikulam, in Vavuniya, about 210 kilometers (131 miles) north of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Thursday, June 1, 2006. Gunmen, allegedly Tamil tiger rebels, fatally shot two ethnic Tamil members of Eelam People's Democratic Party, a pro-government Tamil political party Thursday, police said. The party, a former Tamil militant group, laid down its weapons and joined mainstream politics about a decade ago. It backs the government of newly elected President Mahinda Rajapakse.

A nurse takes care of a 3 day-old baby born with his heart outside his chest, at the hospital San Juan de Dios, in Leon city, Nicaragua, 76 km west of Managua, Tuesday, May 30, 2006. The condition is known as thoracic ectopia cordis. The child will undergo surgery for the condition, and the prognosis for his recovery is unknown.