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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Israel the key for taking out Iran?

With an accusation by the Israeli military that Iran has been training and equipping Hezbollah with those now famed Katyusha rockets, I wonder if the stage is being set for an Invasion of Iran by Israel, followed ultimately by us - the big ol' U.S. of A.

I read this, just this evening in the NY Times:

General Nehushtan said the missile, which was fired from the Lebanese coast, was part of a system that required direct training from Iran. "“We see this attack as a very clear fingerprint of Iranian involvement,"” he said.

Dozens of Iranian fighters are in Lebanon, and they have been working with Hezbollah for more than two decades, the military says. Iran provides a large part of the group'’s financing and weaponry.
I've been thinking ever since this whole thing started, that this is all one gigantic over reaction. I mean, to invade a country, begin a bombing campaign, and start a war just because two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped and were 8 killed in a copy-cat cross-border raid - and the actual state they invaded and attacked wasn't directly responsible - is insane. Or is it? Just taken on it's face, it seems rather extreme. But, when one starts to read the little clues here and there, things begin to take a different shape:

"“We see this attack as a very clear fingerprint of Iranian involvement"” -General Nehushtan

"Iran provides a large part of the group'’s financing and weaponry."-NY Times

"In a more ominous sign that the struggle could spread, Israel accused
Iran of helping launch a missile that damaged an Israeli warship, a charge both Hezbollah and Iran denied."- Associated Press

"In New York, Lebanon accused the United States of blocking a U.N. Security Council statement calling for a cease-fire." - Associated Press

Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist if you like. But, I think all signs point to a possible invasion of Iran in the very near future - where Israel plows in first, and we follow out of a need to help a friend defend itself.