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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Time is Ticking

I'd like to open my post with an apology -- I'm very sorry for the irregularity my posts. I've obviously been super busy with pretty much everything -- work, house, wedding planning -- and haven't made time for Dimensional Shift. Anyway, this post is somewhat selfish because I'm putting out a plea for your physical mailing addresses. Please e-mail the info to Mescalito, or, if for some ungodly reason you don't have it, send the pertinent info to Joe.

As far as everything else goes, life is great, the house is great, and we are ready to start welcoming visitors. Aside from unpacked boxes and an unused washer and dryer, the guest room now has a bed. So, come on down and pay us a visit! We'll even feed you, though we don't have a working oven yet.