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Friday, December 10, 2004

Fed Up

Doesn't the music and film industry get it yet? Apparently not. They obviously don't see the fact that there is nothing they can do to stop people from downloading music or films. As soon as they come up with anything to stop it whether it be technological or legal, there will still be more and more ways to beat the system. This idea is not mind breaking or new, but obviously it is something the industry is failing to recognize.

I am tired of seeing article such as this where the music and film industry are whining about how this must stop. These people, who work in such a creative field, have lost any sense of outer box thinking in dealing with this issue. Instead of getting with the times and progressing, they insist on their business model remaining unchanged and stagnant. Do they think in 100 years people are going to still be paying for a cd single? Why is it so difficult for them to come up with a model that works for them, the artists and their consumer base? They obviously have no sense of proper customer service as the fact that millions continue to download music and film 'illegally' is like millions of people writing a complaint letter to the industry saying they don't like how they go about selling their products. These people are not losing millions because of downloading, they are losing millions because of the opportunity costs they are paying by failing to come up with a model that works for all. The true pirate here is the industry itself.

PS - I noticed a cool thing. If you are in preview mode before publishing your post and you change your Title, the title changes right in front of you. I don't know...I found that cool. I have a simple mind.