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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

29...next is 30!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha

A very happy birthday to Joe who has finally caught up to 29. I know the response from him will probably be that I have been 29 for 6 months already and the joke is on me. The difference is that I really don't care. Sure, I'd love to stay 21, but that's just not going to happen. What matters to me is how I feel inside (probably about 7). Although he probably won't admit it, I think it actually bothers Joe that he's 1 year away from 30. Yep...that's right 30. This time next year it will be all over.

Anyway, I was sad to read about Pale Male. What the fuck. The bird's been living there for 10 fucking years. It amazes me where people put their energy. Can't they give the thing some room on the roof or something? I hope they pissed it off enough that he bombards them with shit. I bet if the bird were paying rent, they'd leave him alone.

Did you know that if you are on the comment page, you can click the blog title at the top and it brings you back to the main blog page. I did not until this afternoon. I thought I'd pass that along in case anyone didn't know and cared.

Those of you with a speedy connection might enjoy this if you have not been there before. You might have seen some of the other sites listed, but there are some you might not have.

Does anyone else wonder why you are able to change the time and date of the post you are leaving? I can see people liking that because it makes it nice and flexible, but something just doesn't seem right about being able to change that. Is there a real purpose for it that I'm missing?