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Friday, December 10, 2004

Fun Stuff

I don't know about everyone else here, but I like my videogame music. Whether playing Castlevania or Sonic, I love to hum along. That's why when I found these web sites devoted to videogame music I quickly bookmarked them. And now I am going to share with you.

Mini Bosses
Let's start with the Minibosses. They are a "rock" group that got together specifically with the intention of playing videogame music. They stick to playing Nintendo tunes, I believe, so you'll hear a lot of renditions of Contra and Castlevania. I first heard about them on NPR. The stuff sounded so good on the radio I decided I had to check them out. Click on the two samples below and see if you agree:

Castlevania 1

Overclocked Remix
This is a site that dedicates itself to posting remixes of videogame music that ranges from the Atari to the xbox. Let's say you or I have created our own funky mix of Super Mario. We could then submit it and hopefully have it posted on this site. It's basically a community for musicians whose main interest is in rewriting old tunes and making it theirs and ours. However, this site's music is kind of a mixed bag. A LOT of what's on here is real cheese. So, it'll take you a while to find something worth really keeping or burning. Everything on this site is in mp3 format. So, what ever you do find, you can burn right away. Again, I put more samples down below for you to check out:

Castlevania - 'Vampire killer dead corpse'
Castlevania - 'wickedest child'
Kid Icarus
Mega Man
Super Mario 3

The Mushroom Kingdom
The mushroom kingdom is just what you think- it's all about MARIO!
It's a site with tons of Mario related media - like animated gifs of Mario riding yoshi, sound effects of Mario dying or getting crushed by barrels, and music in many formats.
I love this site for all of the little things it offers( I really love the animated gifs). This is a real gem. And although it's not brown and soggy, deserves a 'look see'. Below, I have posted one music sample and three sound files:

Super Mario Land - Overworld

Mario Kart -Wario: Eh-heaheaheaheah!
Mario Kart -Toad: AAWowowowow
Mario Kart -Toad: I'm the best!

VG Music.com
And finally, we have a treasure chest of videogame music. However, it's all midi files. Midi's are great, but you can't burn them onto a CD. Well, maybe they're not so great after all. But this site has tons of music. Very cool. This site operates in the same fashion that OCR does - on submissions from independent "musicians".

Ok so that's' it. Enjoy!