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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Google may be complex but it can't find my web address for shit!

Just enter in "Gerald Collings" and watch as Google amazes! And.... nothing. Well, not nothing. You will find, typically on the second or third page of links, a link to NYFA.org, a site that lists me because I won one of their grants. If you click on that link and go to their site, there is a link from their site to mine. But that doesn't count. On Google, there is no listing for my web page: www.artgc.com or another site that my work appears on: www.artlinkinc.com.

Why? Good question, especially since they have such a magnificent search engine! I have heard a few stories about Google on the radio in the past week detailing the greatness and complexities of their search engine. But the same question remains - with all of this power why can't it find my web site?

I do, however, get results on Yahoo and Alta Vista. After a quick search on both sites for "Gerald Collings" my site pops up first on the list. Now, this alone is no definitive measure of the difference in quality of search engines, but it does raise questions about the real effectiveness of Google's "complex" engine. Anyway, I use Google, just like everyone else. I just don't rely on it 100%.