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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Fang(on the right): You are hereby charged that you did on diverse dates commit heresy against the Holy Church. 'My old man said follow the--'

Biggles(left): That's enough. [To Cleveland] Now, how do you plead?

Cleveland( the woman in the image above) : We're innocent.

Ximinez(center with big hat): Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Biggles: We'll soon change your mind about that!


Ximinez: Fear, surprise, and a most ruthless-- [controls himself with a supreme effort] Ooooh! Now, Cardinal -- the rack!

[Biggles produces a plastic-coated dish-drying rack. Ximinez looks at it and clenches his teeth in an effort not to lose control. He hums heavily to cover his anger]

Ximinez: You....Right! Tie her down.

[Fang and Biggles make a pathetic attempt to tie her on to the drying rack]

Ximinez:Right! How do you plead?

Clevelnd: Innocent.

Ximinez: Ha! Right! Cardinal, give the rack [oh dear] give the rack a turn.

[Biggles stands their awkwardly and shrugs his shoulders]

Biggles: I....

Ximinez: [gritting his teeth] I *know*, I know you can't. I didn't want to say anything. I just wanted to try and ignore your crass mistake.

Biggles: I...

Ximinez: It makes it all seem so stupid.

Biggles: Shall I...?

Ximinez: No, just pretend for God's sake. Ha! Ha! Ha!

[Biggles turns an imaginary handle on the side of the dish-rack]

I must give credit to the site I found this info on = http://www.ai.mit.edu/people/paulfitz/spanish/index.html

and the sound file above was found at:
Monty Python sound files