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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Remember Yahweh?

since it is the day of the lord, I figured it to be appropriate to post something to remind us of the man upstairs. Please read from the first chapter of the word of god:

'Is the woman supposed to place the word of God in her mouth? No! She is commanded to keep silent. Should a woman put a man’s rod in her mouth? No, for it too is aberrant and improper. Thus, both intercessorally and according to the laws and ways of Yahweh, the reason a woman would not practice this physical act is because it testifies to that which is spiritually improper - the word is not to be placed in the mouth of the woman! Therefore we clearly see what the rod is. The rod is the word of God!

Any woman then who becomes a teacher or preacher of the word of God, is committing aberrant oral sex with the kingdom. And any woman who performs this natural act gives the same testimony. And any man who brings this act upon a woman defiles the woman and disregards Yahweh. (You will see a dramatic example of this shortly.)'