Let's get started!


Saturday, December 18, 2004

Research Project


Serious talk time now!
and everything after!
All we can see
and taste
from here
all the way to there!
Follow it,
Passed up,
passed down,
Pulled to the back,
and of course...
who could ever forget
our favorite one of all...
the milky way.
He Mused:
Quantum physics told to us by the
only man since Einstein to look sexy in an abacus,
And were just gonna keep on plugging away,
not sure of what is next...
Yet we have heard talk of...
divine inspiration...
and I seek you...
a full fledged hunt...
I find nothing.
Which is of great sadness to me,
though in our defense,
in this case we do not give up.
and after we fail to satisfy our inner urges...
breathing...thinking... learning....
nothing seemed to work,
including the weekend getaways to the soul...
and back.
And then I turned to the madmen.
Hiding in shacks covered with smoke...
anything that permeates the soul,
and allows it to leave, can not be all bad.
We are not to blame,
for our fascination with all things sacred.
History is our best defense in this case.
Who can blame One,
when the paper trail can prove,
We have been prophesied and polarized,
by 100,000 years of history.
And now we are alone,
realizing that nothing can connect us with anything but death.

And the burning that came before
lasted for only seconds,
but was well worth it.