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Saturday, December 18, 2004

'dumpster diving'

For the past week I've been looking at the blog in 'brown-o vision'. That does not mean that I had my head in my ass. Although not far from the truth, what really happened is that my old screen crapped out on me and didn't display the color yellow. So, what was a lovely shade of green looked brown to me.
I just recently found a 'new' one on the street, literally. It works just fine. All of the colors look right. Although, now that I've been looking at a distorted view for so long I might be wrong. My world has been turned upside down!

I want to further discuss the 'finding stuff on the street' comment I made. Yes, New Yorkers don't go to the mall or to Macys or to where ever to get the things we need, we just get stuff out of the garbage! Well, not out of the garbage, exactly. But, people do put things out on the street they don't want anymore - like T.V.'s that crapped out on them, vacuum cleaners(I found a working one on the street), VCR players(now everyone wants a DVD!!!! So, I can get an old crappy VCR that eats tapes once in a while) or, in my most recent case, a ten year old monitor!!!!.
In my experience in 'dumpster diving' here in the great ol' city of New York, I have found many-a-treasure and many-a-piece o' crap. The lesson? Never carry home a 27 inch screen T.V. 5 blocks just to find out it doesn't work. Prioritize and realize that people do throw out some stuff for a reason. What can I say? More proof that I am a monkey? I think so.

I'm out.