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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Back from the Wilds of South Tampa ...

Phil took this picture at Gasparilla ... it's an almost perfect portrait of Ms. Cazh, except you can't actually see her winning smile. Welcome Ms. Cazh!!!

And welcome to you, too, baseballfury!! Sorry, I don't have a barely picture of you but I'm pretty sure most of the folks here have met you face to face. [But don't be surprised if you find your ugly (not really) mug up here at some point ;-)]

Sorry I've been off so long, got sucked into my Urban Exploring, went a little cuckoo and questioned my existence and what I was doing for the rest of my life, got over it and here I am! Yay for me!

Congratulations to the new instrument owners, I'm envious and want my own bass now. So does Phil. So, I guess after the camera, laptop, stereo, dvd player and haircut, we'll be getting a bass. On the same note, does anyone have any suggestions about a laptop I SHOULDN'T buy?

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