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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Fresh Meat

This week saw the addition of two posting members to Dimensional Shift:

First up, fans of the comments section must already be familiar with baseballfury. 'Fury issues his dispatches from the Rocky-Mountain-high locale of Denver, Co. An excellent photographer (his collections on Ireland, and on an overweight Mescalito wandering through Vegas, should not be missed), and a recovering Phish fan, 'Fury dreams of one day having a Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the foot of his bed. Oh, and at his film school graduation, he started his little speech (all the grads gave speeches) by going back half-a-million years and thanking the first man. You gotta love that!

Also new to these parts, Ms.Cazh honors us with her presence. A Seattle native and relatively new arrival to the Tampa Bay area, Ms.Cazh holds the distinction of being the first person invited to this blog who actually managed to join on the first invite. Way to go! While not pondering what her first post to Dimensional Shift will be (perhaps a picture of your humble moderator?), Ms.Cazh runs a blog of her own, interns at the prestigious Poynter Institute, writes a for a scatological newsletter entitled The S.R.B.R. (which may or may not exist), and generally enjoys throwing things at and/or hitting Max Linsky.

Welcome to Dimensional Shift guys. We're glad to have you!