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Monday, February 07, 2005

Web Addict Vomit

I've been on these sites over the past few weeks - most are pretty interesting, I think.

Learning about electric guitar tone in rock 'n' roll: instruments, amplifiers, and beyond
Live Air Traffic Control & Live Airport Webcams brings you live audio and video feeds from airports located all over the world.
The Thought Project by Simon Hogsberg
Over a period of 3 months I stopped 150 strangers on the street and asked them what they were thinking about the second before I stopped them. Using a mic and a dictaphone I recorded what they told me, then took a picture of them.
Paper CD Case
Use this website to create a PDF file which can be printed and folded to create a paper CD case.
The Cowbell Project
Here you'll find some of the top cowbell songs ever. These are the songs that took this dark, clanging demon and pounded the essence of rock into your veins and left imprints of the dark master in your subconscious.

Smart Dust
Imagine an Internet of things, where everyday objects, rooms, and machines are connected to one another and to the larger digital world. Sensors on expensive factory equipment would tell you when the machinery is about to fail. Cargo shipping containers could search their contents for nuclear material or other hazards. Every office in a high-rise could report its temperature and humidity and whether its lights are on or off.