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Monday, February 07, 2005

Kill the Messenger!

From the Indy Channel.com

"A man was being held without bond after investigators found notes detailing his plans to rape, murder and dismember his mail carrier, police said. Investigators found the notes and letters when they searched 57-year-old George Budd's Kokomo apartment following his arrest on child pornography charges, said Kokomo police Lt. Donald Whitehead... The search turned up pornographic photos sent through the U.S. mail and materials related to the stalking charge, authorities said. The materials included maps of the mail carrier's route, binoculars and rope, according to documents filed in federal court. In one of the notes, police said Budd described how he tried to lure the carrier inside his apartment so he could rape and kill her."

Pretty fucking funny, huh? Unless you are the mail carrier, that is. I like that he had maps of her route, and such detailed plans. This guy was fucking INSANE!