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Monday, February 14, 2005

I'm callin' out all you non-postin' motha' fuckas!

That's right bitches. You slack assed pieces of shit. I'm talking to you Matt and Cracklin' Rosie. That's right Luis, laugh it up in your silent lurker fashion. Come on people! This blog is a community made up of many individuals working together to create art -- not just the personal soap box of those of us who post all the time, like me and Mr. Mescalito (and Gravity Boy, occasionally). What about Matt and SilyLily? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. LP Goddess, I'm giving you a pass only because I know the stress you're under.

It makes me sick to think that this wonderful forum exists, people are invited to attend and post, and then they don't for months at a time. What a fucking waste.