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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Great 23 strikes again.

Today began as any day does for a Mescalito. I was at home, enjoying my new status as “Unemployed” as much as possible. I had set an appointment for Thursday morning with the temp agency that Cracklin’ Rosey is working at. I had to take some online tests this morning…but those were my only real concrete plans. Than at 1:30 the phone rang, it was the temp agency, they wanted to know if I could come in for my interview today instead of tomorrow. She had a possible job that was suited for me, and she wanted to talk to me about it. Being as my day was open, I agreed handsomely. We set a meeting for 2:30, and I was on my way to change clothes and head out the door. I got to meeting, filled out the usual paperwork, filled out some unusual paperwork, and then waited to meet Janice, my staff representative. Janice was nice, she knew Cracklin Rosey, and had heard of the all-powerful JOE. Needless to say I was in like Gravity Boy (it doesn’t flow like Flynn, but it’s really catching on.) Here was the catch though, they had some work for me, for today. Woah (Joey Lawrence style) I hadn’t planned on this, cue anxiety attack. I prevailed though (mostly as I heard Lp Goddess whispering in my ear that we needed money) and agreed to the job that Janice felt suited me. I am now parking cars at the Lexus on Dale Mabry. Fuck yeah. JOE can tell us all about this job, as it was the last one he had before leaving the temp agency. I am keeping a positive outlook though. It will be good exercise, and will be the first job away from a computer I have had since my teens. So hopefully it will be a nice stepping stone to my photography career, however the two may be linked. But they are, but they are. As are we all, on this towel, or bedsheet, oh never mind. That was my strange day. To go from couch to parking cars at Lexus in a two hour period. Change is inevitable.

There is no
In this world.

Everything stinks
Of stale perfection,
Too much time spent proving

When we all could have been
Tenderly dreaming of
Heaven or hell.