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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Birds!

I have a small problem. It seems that a few pidgeons have decided to call my house their home as well. They have made their nests and are preparing for babies, because I am told that's what lovers do in the Spring. Well, here in lies the dilemma: I fucking hate pidgeons! Damn rats with wings! So, I'm asking my blogger buddies for advice. Mr. Mesc wanted me to wait until the hatchlings were born and kill their parents in front of them so they learn their fucking lesson! But this is a little too harsh. I'll list other more humane ways, please choose or give me some more ideas.

1. My Dad told me to make a bunch of noise!
2. Knock their nests down.
3. Turn the hose on 'em.
4. This guy said he will take them.
5. Fire Good old fire.