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Monday, April 18, 2005

Name that Game

The Original game that inspired the title shown above was an arcade release in the year 1989 that ran on a CPS-1 arcade board(whats that?).

"The character Andore [from the original game] and all his clones (Andore Jr., U.Andore, F.Andore and G.Andore) were parodies of the now late WWF Champion, Andre the Giant. Other characters such as Axl and Slash are parodies as well, being from the band Guns N Roses."

"The characters from [the original game] made several appearences in the Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams/Street Fighter Zero series, and in Saturday Night Slam Masters."

The original game was designed by Yoshiki Okamoto.

-trivia from: www.KLOV.com - Killer List of Videogames

So, what game inspired the super deformed version shown above, AND what is this subsequent version's name and debut date. Also, what company developed and produced these titles?