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Sunday, April 03, 2005


Anyway, after having a successful night on the town I feel I need something to make the night complete. But, there is no one to fulfill that part - no one to give me the pleasure of pleasuring them. I could fuck myself, but that's what I do every night. So, that's nothing special. But, a big fat juicy pussy.... Now that's something to celebrate!!!! And, there were all types at the bar we visited tonight. There were tall ones, short ones, tall and fat, and short and....Well none of them really fit the bill. Wouldn't do any of them. Except....Well....I don't know. Tall Tatas? She was strangely attractive. I think I am just horney. whatever.

The night was fastastic aside from having to do my own dirty work. We all met up at the bar, played pool(a game at which I royally suck monkey nuggets), and drank this beer of which I have never heard - Blue Moon. A Good light beer. Well, not a 'light' beer. But light in taste. I finally got to meet Mrs Cazh and Slinky. I think I could love them both. Great people!

Anyway, I am fucking tired and recovering from the Village inn eat-a-thon that me, Joe and Rosey entered into shortly after leaving the festivities. We ate, drank coffee(Rosey - tea) and were very jolly...Or is it merry? Who cares?!! Fuck the rules, mutha fucka!!!!!!! AweShitttt!!!!!!!