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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Name that Game

Well, I wasn't going to do this again so soon, but I found this game and it was pretty fucking good. Worth a try out. Whom ever gets this one, gets a pic of bugs bunny's girl... if she were human, and a copy of this rom. OK! So, the first clues are: made by Human Corp in 1990. It was published by Hal America. The game's title has in it the name for a type of Japanese theatre - not "Noh theatre", something else. The game's story is as follows: something or someone has hacked into the computer database that controlls the launching of the planet's nuclear weapons . So, in order to stop this threat from destroying the world, you must go inside the computer via some weird "imaging system" and be converted into "raw data". Once inside, you must fight to gain access to the system and once again get control of the nuclear devices. Anyway, the story is really useless, especially because it doesn't seem to jive with the visuals. Well, hope that's enough. And, I made this animated gif for you DOM. Enjoy!