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Monday, April 25, 2005

Name that Game

Here's a classic for you. I remember one of my friends being so hyped for this game. I never really felt that way for it, though. I guess because I always thought of it as an Outrun copy cat. That's probably not fair, but I loved Outrun and Sega, and was a bit on the Anti-Nintendo Bandwagon at the time. Instead of the NES, I had the Sega Master System. I actually had a NES for a while, then gave it to my cousin and then bought the SMS. The SMS was a far superior system, specs wise. But, was greatly unsupported. Basically Sega made all of the games for it, while hardly anyone else did. But, getting back to the game at hand, it was obviously made by none other than Square in 1987. And was obviously a forward scroller - faux scaling and all. It also had a 3-d mode in which, if you had the needed red and green glasses, you could in theory see it in 3-d. And, apparently you can also change the radio station in the car(much like Outrun). Anyway, what is this fabulous game?