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Friday, April 15, 2005

Pretty Pictures

This is a pic I took last weekend on my way into the city(to pay too much to get into an "exclusive" club, where I would later pay $5 for a freakin' glass of TAP WATER). As the sun was setting, I noticed that the light hitting the tower of the draw bridge was just right(yes the same bridge that Crazy fuck took me over). I felt that I must take a picture. So, I took several. This, I think, is the best.

I later took one of an old chemical plant that's being disassembled in LIC. We're all bummed out about it. It's a part of the identity of LIC - something that makes LIC more than just an old toxic dump turned hippie haven.

I also took one of the rail yard. I love the winding of the rails in the setting sun.