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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Darn kids pick up on everything!

Today I fulfilled the final part of my artists' fellowship agreement with NYFA. So, now I can claim the last $700 of my grant money! So, what exactly did I have to do for this? Well, basically there's this thing called "The artist and audience exchange" where you, the artist, must hold some sort of public event, that some how enriches the local cultural environment. It can't be a show of your work or anything as selfish as that, but must involve a direct communication of some sort from the artist to the viewer or participant. So, for my fulfillment of this requirement, I held a workshop at a local school. Pictured above are just a few of those cute little kids I had the great opportunity to instruct(in a way and with Pearl's help). I had them "personalize" cigar boxes with collage, paint, etc. Well, with everything but their own shit or mine. Someone brought it up.... Or maybe that was just the voices in my head. "Throw poo, Gerald.", the voices whispered. I restrained myself, but did proceed to curse a few times by accident. I said "shit" three times, and the kid in the middle of this photo called me on it. I told him that he was hearing things.