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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Art Gets A Nod

Art in the making. Local graffiti artists work on
creating a set of massive billboards for Time magazine's
upcoming issue.

Outside my studio, on the side of my building, I caught a glimpse of something quite interesting - local graffiti artists working on a set of huge billboards for Time Magazine. The magazine is apparently doing a special issue devoted to the debate on whether graffiti is art or vandalism. I'm not sure why this is the lead story when the world is spinning out of control. But, it's nice to see art getting some love from mainstream media. Even if it's just a pat on the head.

And, today the Rand Corporation released a study on how art is good not only for it's so called "secondary benefits", but for it's intrinsic benefits as well. Here's a quote:"...The arts enhance, enlarge, and awaken our humanity in ways no other activities can equal. That is why the arts exist, and why we must support them."
In short: Art is good. We all knew that. And I'm tired of having to justify Art with it's "secondary benefits", be they social, economical, or whatever. In this age of "science", it seems all too much needs to account for it's necessity.

It's nice to get some attention between all of the Star Wars hype, and Reality bullshit. It's also nice that someone is standing up for art for what it is rather than it's relative influence on the markets, economy, etc. Like Mescalito so brilliantly put it,"Eat Shit, Star Wars!" I second that!