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Friday, May 27, 2005

This is how boring life is...

Google, internet's teat all of us info hounds keep sucking on. You can find just about anything in a mere second and one day in the future I am told Google will control all media. When you are bored it is fun to look up weird shit like what is the most dangerous looking gun you could buy over the web or say a satellite view of your old house. Or there is those of us who have looked up our own names to find out what the world has in-store for our parallel name sakes. Entertaining for a while; I guess just the usual stories in the local ink of indecent exposure arrests, car crashes resulting in death and marriages. Rgardless, lets get back on track here. I googled my name and hit images and found some old art work I didn't even know my professor had posted back in 2003.