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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Name That Game

It's time for name that game!

The story goes: strange occurrences have been taking place in the solar system, and you, being "a capable commander" and all, are summoned to deal with this new threat. What threat, you ask? Apparently, "Animals, plants and products" are now attacking people throughout the seven planets in the" star system". So, that kinda explains the robotic rabbits that attack you by throwing carrots...sort of. You'll also encounter Octopi, indiscernible rings(frizbees?), candles, battle ships, and more...all while flying either in space or over lava(a bit of sarcasm never hurt). Strange, to say the least. Developed by Compile, and published by Nexsoft, this game came out in Oct of 1990 for the NES. What is this game?