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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

RNC Protest Revisited

Flipping through old photos, I came across this and many
other pics from that fateful day.

Remember the huge protest that happened in NYC a few days before the Republican National Convention? Ok. Remember that there was a fire and some commotion towards the end of it? Well, this was the green beast that was lit on fire - that caused all of that commotion. Yes, I was there and it was fun. I didn't see this thing burn, I only learned about it later on that evening. But, I did get involved in a few stupid things.

First, I called up Mescalito and told him where I was. He then instructed me to go to where the C-span camera was so he could see me. So, I did. I made a few stupid gestures into the camera, not fully aware that this was going national and it was live. Not that I took off my pants and held my ass up to the nation, but I was looking really stupid - for all to see. Mesc also had a great Idea of having me go up to the camera and saying,"Fuck Joe Bardi!" Apparently Mescalito could hear it over the TV - faintly. Whatever the case, I said"Fuck Joe Bardi" on National TV!! Whoo Hoo!!! I have yet to see the footage, though. Mesc. said he taped it. Maybe next time I'm in Tampa I'll ask to be shown my own disgrace. Mescalito made me do it!

On a side note: I also saw triumph the comic dog("for me to poop on!") harassing poor old religious folk on the sidelines. Throughout the march there were, spattered intermittently along the route, pro-Bush and religious zealots preaching down to us or just plain yelling. So, I guess Triumph decided to make a little funny with that. I wonder how it went.